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Perks From Luxury Hotels

The wisdom goes at upscale hotels that “for money you can get anything,” notes Jan Freitag, vice president of STR, a provider of market analysis for the hotel industry.

That is, anything within reason, Freitag says. He cited a legendary example of a very wealthy guest at a five-star property in Germany who wanted to rent out the entire local fair for his child—the hotel tried, but it was a request that was not within reason. That said, we've gathered examples of amenities and experiences that are already being offered at hotels around the world.

Freitag notes that luxury hotels are doing “really well,” despite the financial hard times of the past few years. For a while, luxury was equivalent to a four-letter word, “but there are a lot of high net worth individuals still left who feel good about spending, even after tightening the belt in ’08 and ’09, so I think high - end leisure travel is back and high-end business travel as well.”

Here are some flourishes that hotel brands have added to distinguish their guest experience, including a few examples provided by TripAdvisor.com.

By Colleen KanePosted 8 Mar 2011

Photo: Hotel Crillon le Brave