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Mad Money Mobile Internet Index

The mobile Internet’s growth is a trend on par with the mass adoption of the personal computer, Cramer said.

Smartphones, which handle everything from voice to video to data, soon will be as ubiquitous as the PCs we now take for granted. This means that the related companies, and their shareholders, should see gains for many years to come.

To track the trend, Cramer created the Mad Money Mobile Internet Index, a group of 21 stocks at the heart of the industry. The index starts at 100, and its rise and fall will directly relate to how these companies – and the mobile Internet – fare.

Click ahead for a full list of the constituents.

Posted 18 Mar 2011

Note: Cramer is not rating all of these stocks as buys at all times. The index exists only to gauge his prediction that the mobile Web is tech's next big growth trend. And many of these picks are speculative, so readers must do their homework before buying, if they choose to do so. That being said, if smartphones continue their exponential growth as Cramer expects, then these are the companies that should benefit.

When this slideshow was published, Cramer’s charitable trust owned Apple.