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The Opera

Price: €29,370,00; approx. $41,165 USD

Technically this is a trailer, but it doesn’t behave like one. Get a load of this thing—It’s a mini-Sydney Opera House that you can bring into the forest! Also: it’s heated.

The Opera is made by YSIN and has a teak veranda, an external shower, two electrically adjustable beds that can convert into one, hot running water, a ceramic toilet, a refrigerator, and low-energy LED lighting.

Created in the Netherlands and marketed as a “mobile holiday package,” the Opera is a mobile accommodation with striking modern design. The camper’s creators seek to cultivate a more adult-oriented and upscale camping experience—a nod to the more rustic tradition of camping with the amenities of today. To enhance the brand further, YSIN created a guidebook for Opera owners listing intimate, high-quality campgrounds.