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30 Cars That Get 30 MPG

With gasoline prices once again speeding toward $4 a gallon, fuel efficiency is becoming more of a priority for drivers.

And, after watching many consumers panic during the 2008 run to $4 a gallon and trade in their gas guzzlers at a hefty loss, car makers are heeding the call and making more fuel-efficient vehicles.

Kelley Blue Book, which compiles vehicle price and value data, was able to come up with a list of 30 cars that get over 30 miles per gallon. Three years ago, such a list didn’t exist: “We had to lower our criteria to 25 miles per gallon,” said Alec Gutierrez, manager of vehicle valuation for Kelley Blue Book.

Not surprisingly, most of the vehicles on this 30 for 30 list are either subcompact or hybrids. Still, they were able to find several family vehicles and even a few luxury vehicles that get over 30 miles per gallon.

For those who are in the market to buy a fuel-efficient vehicle right now, Gutierrez suggests holding off a purchase until the latter part of the summer as uncertainty over the earthquake and tsunami in Japan may temporarily drive up prices.

That means right now, it’s time to do your homework. Here are 30 cars that get at least 30 miles per gallon – all are 2011 models.

By Cindy Perman
Posted 1 Apr 2011