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The 10 Biggest U.S. Government Contractors

Contracted in 2010: $14.8 billion Total 2010 revenue: $32.47 billion Contracted in 2011, so far: $2.49 billion In 2010, General Dynamics of Fairfield, Connecticut engaged in 16,526 transactions with the U.S. Government, totaling approximately $14.8 billion. The largest single award was a $2.48 billion contract for the U.S. Navy on the construction of Other large contracts include the manufacture of cargo and tanker vessels ($927 million) and combat vehicles ($483 million), although numerous othe

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3. General Dynamics (GD)

Contracted in 2011: $19.47 billion
Total 2011 revenue: $32.67
Contracted in 2012, so far: $8.79 billion
Company Profile
In 2011, General Dynamics of Fairfield, Conn., engaged in more than 18,000 contracted transactions with the U.S. government, totaling approximately $19.47 billion, with a majority of the contracts awarded by the Navy ($12.9 billion) and the Army ($4.6 billion). Many of its large contracts include the manufacturing of submarines and destroyers, with its largest contract for a submarine worth over $2 billion. General Dynamics saw an increase in government spending from $14.8 billion in 2010 to $19.47 billion in 2011.

In General Dynamics’ 2011 annual report, the company’s first three risk factors highlight dependency on the U.S. government for “a significant portion” of revenues, with more than two-thirds of the company’s sales coming from the U.S. government in each of the past three years. The company says that “A decrease in U.S. government defense spending or changes in spending allocation could result in one or more of our programs being reduced, delayed or terminated. Reductions in our existing programs could adversely affect our future revenues and earnings."

Pictured: General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products's Reactive Armor for application on the Bradley Fighting Vehicle.

Photo: generaldynamics.com