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The Hidden Costs of Vacations

Vacations always cost more than you think — even if YOU sign up for one of those “all-inclusive” deals.

By now, most of us are accustomed to all the airline fees, from extra legroom and exit-row seating to in-flight entertainment, in-flight meals, extra checked luggage and now, apparently, luggage of any kind.

But there are a ton of hidden costs that even the adult Girl Scouts among us, who plan for everything, didn’t see coming.

“Every traveler wants to stretch their vacation dollars as far as possible — and sometimes, unexpected costs can have just the opposite effect!” said Amelie Hurst, a spokesperson for travel-booking site TripAdvisor.com. “ It’s well worth doing a little homework before your trip; tally up everything from baggage fees to hotel wi-fi costs, to avoid any unwanted surprises and establish a realistic budget.”

Before you ask someone to pop a little umbrella in your drink, check out these hidden costs of vacation.

By Cindy Perman
Posted 13 April 2011

Photo: Pete Atkinson | Getty Images