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10 Remote Vacation Destinations

The phrase “off the grid” is not yet universally understood. These days, when people say they’re traveling off-grid, they might mean they’re heading somewhere with spotty cell phone coverage. Others use the term even more inaccurately when they mean to say, “off the beaten path.”

Off-grid actually means off the electricity grid: i.e., a location that is self-sustaining—it uses solar, wind, hydro or other means of power. But we thought “no Internet/other gadgets” and “secluded” were good qualifications to find fascinating vacation spots for this slideshow as well. Some are so far flung as to not be accessible by car, so you may need to hike or arrive by boat.

In many cases, the following destinations have been green by necessity due to their remote locations, before Al Gore ever posited an inconvenient truth. But off-grid doesn’t have to mean primitive as can be, either: although only one of the following destinations brags of having high thread-count sheets, most are still luxurious in scaled-down ways.

By Colleen Kane
Posted 14 April 2011