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Michael and Carole Middleton

Status: Parents of Kate Middleton
Fortune: Unknown

In a country where exclusive private schools are known as "public schools" and a "commoner" is pretty much anyone with a single last name, the excitement of the future King of England taking an "ordinary" girl for his wife doesn't quite tell the whole story.

The future Queen Catherine attended one of England's top schools, Marlborough College, where boarding fees are $47,957 a year, and her former flight dispatcher father and air hostess mother have made millions running a party accessories business.

While the details of their precise wealth are unknown, the Daily Mail speculatesthat they could be worth as much $49 million. In 2002 they apparently spent $1.3 million in cash on a London flat for Kate. With that sort of money, they should easily be able to cover their contribution to the cost of the wedding – expected to be around $160,000.

Photo: Getty Images || Source: The Daily Mail, Sunday Times