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Hotels Owned by Celebrities

You know how it is: while traveling on vacation, you become enraptured with a special location, so you buy the property and build a resort there. Ho-hum. What’s that, you say? That’s never happened to you? Well, it has happened on more than one occasion with more than one celebrity, as demonstrated with the following collection of lodgings.

In these hotels, resorts, and one personal beach house, the owners range from musicians to fashion personalities to stars from Hollywood and television. (Please note that hotel rates fluctuate, but just to give an idea for each hotel or resort, we’ve indicated an average rate or a range.)

By Colleen Kane
Posted May 3, 2011

Correction: This slideshow originally included Palazzo Versace and indicated it was owned by Donatella Versace. While Donatella Versace is involved with the hotel's look and feel, the hotel owner is Emirates Sunland Group.

Photo: thegreenwichhotel.com