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Racers’ Personal Rides

No one likes to take their work home, but race car drivers might be an exception. From Talladega to Monaco, the world’s best-compensated drivers tend to fill their garages with collections of prized automobiles. In the slides ahead, you’ll discover which pro driver can’t drive 45 in a Mercedes SUV (and got ticketed and a trip to driving school), and which famed racer has a thing for vintage Camaros, including the 1967 model pictured here.

But whether these famously fast drivers are affiliated with NASCAR or Formula One, their everyday rides are not always flashy and pimped. Sometimes they’re downright practical vehicles suitable for driving the kids to school, and one or two of them might even get good gas mileage.

The following collection runs the gamut, containing not just speedy supercars, but a healthy dose of vintage classic cars, and one distinctive off the wall novelty vehicle. Click on to discover which pro drivers make fantastical car choices, which ones are practical, and whose selections represent a little of both categories.

By Colleen Kane

Posted May 25, 2011

Photo: detroitspeed.com