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George Foreman

In 2002 Ring magazine named George Foreman one of the 25 greatest boxers of all time. A two-time World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, the second time he earned the title he was 45 years of age and the oldest man ever to win it. Post-retirement, he became involved in many business ventures, the most lucrative of which was his deal with Salton, the makers of the George Foreman Lean Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine.

In 1999, Salton paid him $127.5 million to use his name and sales skills for the appliance. It was one of the biggest athlete endorsement deals in history, and that doesn’t even include the 40% cut of the profits that he earned, an arrangement which at one point netted him $4.5 million a month. All told, Foreman earned over $200 million from this deal alone, far eclipsing any money that he ever earned in the ring.

Photo: Ferdaus Shamim | Getty Images