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Another stock that benefits from Apple’s iCloud?

Cramer’s mailbag is overflowing, so the “Mad Money” host took the time to answer some viewer questions Friday.

Cramer Answers Mad Mail

Brian from Florida thinks the rollout of Apple’s iCloud should result in an increase in the number of servers need to support all the data and storage. So, he wanted to know what companies he should be eyeing. Cramer said he thinks EMC is the best play in servers and storage.

And what’s the best way to play the rebound of defaulting homeowners who are starting to build up their credit? That’s what Barbara wrote in to ask. Cramer believes those who aren’t paying their mortgage have money to spend elsewhere, and he thinks they’re spending it. That’s why he’s been recommending dollar stores like Family Dollar Stores and Dollar Tree.

Arthur in Minnesota wanted to know Cramer’s thoughts on Avon Products. The “Mad Money” host suggested two other direct sales models instead — Tupperware and Herbalife. He wouldn’t touch Avon unless CEO Andrea Jung steps down and new blood comes in, which he thinks will send the stock higher.

Finally, John wanted to know if it was time to dump his deep-in-the-money call options. But Cramer said he'd prefer home gamers use the weakness to buy more, as long as you go out four or five months.

When this story was published, Cramer's charitable trust owned Apple and EMC.

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