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Cramer’s Oil and Gas Play

Chesapeake CEO Speaks to Cramer

We are awash in oil and gas in this country, Cramer said Tuesday. That’s why he recommends Chesapeake Energy, the biggest oil driller and the second largest holder of natural gas in the U.S.

"We are producing more oil and gas in this country than anyone thought possible even three years ago,” Cramer said, “and Chesapeake is a major player and a major part of that story.”

The Cramer fave reported a 17 percent dividend boost Monday, with the stock now yielding 1.2 percent. The stock is also up 24 percent since the “Mad Money” host recommended it back in October, and he thinks there’s still a lot more upside left.

To find out more about Chesapeake and how the U.S. can drill its way out of its addiction to foreign oil, Cramer spoke with the company’s Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO Aubrey McClendon. Watch the videoto see the full interview.

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