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Cramer: This Market's Getting Too Hated

Cramer Getting Bearish?

This market is getting too hated, Cramer said Wednesday, especially considering how individual companies are doing.

"The truth is the vast majority of the companies that have spoken during this sell-off have reiterated their positive stance about their earnings," Cramer explained. "They have re-emphasized the disconnect between the stock market and their end markets and yes, their stocks."

The market could get to a point where it's so hated that there will be hardly anyone left to sell, the "Mad Money" host said. At that point, the short-sellers betting against the market will have to come in and cover their positions, or buy stocks. In turn, he thinks the haters will convert inot believers of the market.

But when will we get there? It will take time for all of the horribles — Greece's debt troubles, China's slowdown, Japan's recovery and U.S.'s debt, housing and employment concerns — to get baked into the market. When that happens, Cramer thinks too many people will despise the market, prompting the bears to start buying.

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