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Net Net: Promoting innovation and managing change

Keep Your Kids Out Of Kindergarten

I spend a lot of time trying to convince people that they probably shouldn't send their children to college and that, as a society, we're over-investing in college.

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Now a new study concludes that we're not only over-investing at the end of the educational cycle, we're over investing at the start. Early schooling hurts kids, especially kids from lower income backgrounds.

That's ironic because a lot of early start programs are aimed at helping these kids.

Here's the abstract (and the full report):

"We investigate short and long-term effects of early childhood education using variation created by a unique policy experiment in British Columbia, Canada. Our findings imply starting Kindergarten one year late substantially reduces the probability of repeating the third grade, and meaningfully increases in tenth grade math and reading scores. Effects are highest for low income students and males.

Estimates suggest that entering kindergarten early may have a detrimental effect on future outcomes."

So here's your fast, accurate and actionable net net: keep your kids out of school for at least a year after they're supposed to start.

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