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What Cramer’s Keeping His Eye On Next Week

What follows is Cramer’s “Game Plan” for the week of June 20.


Cramer plans to begin his week at 3 a.m. to check in on what’s happening when the European markets open. He’s interested to know what will happen with Greece’s debt crisis and any deal that can save the country from default.

Cramer's Market Game Plan

The “Mad Money” host is also keeping his eye on fertilizer company Agrium , who is having its investor day. Many have written off the agriculture market because the U.S. Senate voted to wipe out billions of dollars in subsidies for the ethanol industry, Cramer said. However, he thinks subsidies will be maintained.


Barnes & Nobel reports before the opening bell and Cramer thinks the bookseller will announce the Nook, its e-reader, is beginning take a lot of business from Amazon . While he still likes Amazon, Cramer thinks others may sell or short the the company off the news.

Another retailer reporting Tuesday morning is Walgreen . Cramer calls it the quintessential safety stock to buy in a slowdown.

After the bell, Jabil Circuit announces its earnings. “This is the most important tech conference call we're going to get,” Cramer believes. He called it a fantastic barometer for all things tech, and he’s hoping the company’s conference call will show a tech turnaround on the horizon.

May existing home sales figures also come in Tuesday. Cramer thinks this is where the big logjam in housing is, and he doesn’t expect any relief.


Auto dealer CarMax reports before the open, and Cramer’s watching to see if there can be any pulse in the autos.

He also thinks we’ll get a window onto the worldwide economy when FedEx announces its quarterly results Wednesday morning.

Then, payroll company Paychex reports after the closing bell. Cramer thinks the company always gives an excellent read on employment, so he’s curious to see if hiring is as terrible as we think.

Retailer Bed Beth & Beyond announces its quarterly results after the close as well, and Cramer expects them to have good news.


Both Accenture and Oracle announce their results after the close. Cramer thinks these stocks have been under relentless pressure lately, and he thinks the pressure is buyable. He also expects that both companies are going to have excellent quarters.

When this story was published, Cramer’s charitable trust owned Accenture and Oracle.

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