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What's On: Regeneron’s CEO, the Oil Market and Energy Stocks

Jason Gewirtz|Senior Producer

Here's what's up on Monday's Squawk on the Street:

--The CEO of Regeneron. A new eye medicine from Regeneron Pharmaceuticals and Bayer AG was ruled Friday by the FDA to be a safe and effective way of fighting vision loss from macular degeneration. That's only on Squawk on the Street.

--Also Monday, the CeO of StatOil. That's another Squawk on the Street exclusive. See where the CEO stands on the ups and downs in the oil market right now.

--Then the CEO of Airbus joins us live from the Paris Air Show. We'll also have the Governor of the great state of Washington. Governor Chris Gregorie is going across the Atlantic Ocean to explain why Boeing should build in the Evergreen State.

--We're also talking about the future of nuclear energy in the United States. A key report on the Japanese nuclear disaster is due out. We're talking about stocks like Southern Company , Duke, First Energy, Next Era Energy and Pinnacle West.

We're also debating whether members of Congress should have more restrictions when they trade stock. They have access to all sorts of potential legislation.... but they don't have any extra trading restrictions. And did you know the average member of Congress fares 6% better than the average American in the stock market? That's the focus of the Street Poll as well. Should there be more stock restrictions for Congress? Share your opinion.


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