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Top-Grossing Superhero Franchises

Although there are many ways to profit from the world of superheroes - toys, video games and comic books, to name a few – there is no doubt that one of the biggest money-makers in this space is on the big screen.

With data from BoxOfficeMojo.com, a subsidiary of IMDB, we decided to take a look at the ten highest grossing superhero franchises of all time, five of which fall under the Marvel brand. BoxOfficeMojo reports that, since 1978, superhero movies have grossed over $8.24 billion at the domestic box office, with an average gross of $94.9 million per film.

So, what are the highest grossing superhero franchises of all time? Click ahead to find out!

By Paul ToscanoUpdated 20 Jun 2011

Numbers include only domestic box office returns, and not additional profits made from superhero-related products.

Source: BoxOfficeMojo.com