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The All-China Federation (China)

Size matters in industrial disputes, and the All-China Federation of Trade Unions is the world's largest by far, counting 190 million members today. Like many other trade unions, the ACFTU was considered a revolutionary organization upon its formation in 1925. The Chiang Kai-Shek government tried to restrict its activities, and members were imprisoned and executed for sedition.

After Mao Zedong's Cultural Revolution in the 1960s, the ACFTU was banned again, re-emerging after Mao's death.

Today, the ACFTU is being backed by Beijing – sort of. The government introduced new labor laws in 2008, which required international companies to create in-house committees for workers to consult with management. The ACFTU has stepped in to register all these groups with the union, effectively making the creation of union chapters mandatory.

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