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A Shipping Stock Worth Speculating On?

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Cramer Answers Mad Mail

Last Thursday, John in California asked about Golar LNG , a Hamilton, Bermuda-based company that transports liquefied natural gas. Cramer doesn't like shippers, but he thinks this company could stand to benefit from increased demand for liquefied natural gas. This stock has had a major run this year, though. Plus, the company's debt-laden balance sheet could cause problems if there are delays in any new natural gas liquefaction facilities or if the number of new ships being built increases. So while he thinks it could work at some point, it might be a long shot.

If you want to speculate on liquefied natural gas, Cramer recommends going with Chart Industries instead. It has the technology for turning natural gas into liquefied natural gas. The stock is so far off his highs that Cramer likes it again. (Read More: Cramer's Top 10 Natural Gas Stocks)

Josh in Massachusetts asked for Cramer's thoughts on Berkshire Hathaway . Cramer said he's bullish on Berkshire Hathaway. Being as the stock is so cheap right now, he thinks it should do a buyback.

Mike wanted to know about Corning . The problem is this company is subject to the woes of the optical business, Cramer said. He would avoid buying shares.

Chris was curious if Monster Worldwide might be taken out of the S&P 500. Cramer doesn't believe the rumors. He would hang onto this stock, too. It was hurt by LinkedIn's initial public offering, as that took a lot of MWW's buyers away. Being as so many people are selling, he thinks it will rebound soon.

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