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Leaders Need Values, Not Just Mission Statement: Suzy Welch

Too many executives think a mission statement is enough. In these economic times, they are forgetting values, author Suzy Welch told CNBC Monday.

"Every company has a mission statement. It’s a sort of bold idea of where do we want to go," said Welch, author of "10-10-10: A Life-Transforming Idea" and co-host of "It's Everybody's Business With Jack & Suzy Welch" on CNBC.

Suzy Welch on Leadership

"But values, that’s the behavior that gets you there," she added. "So often in companies there is a disconnect. You’ve got this big, bold mission and then you’ve got values—either you don’t know what they are or they’re not rewarded or they’re not aligned. What are the mission and what are the values?"

At the Jack Welch Management Institute she runs with her husband—former General Electric

chairman Jack Welch—executives talk about missions and values every day, or else those values become "just plaques on the wall," she said. General Electric owns 49 percent of NBC Universal, CNBC's parent.

Are leaders born or made? Some are born, she said, but most leaders are created in these economic times by learning their skills, then practicing, improving and honing them.

"Where do you get good leaders? How do you get good people? How do you keep refreshing and reinventing yourself? That is a universal issue," she said.