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Play Slowdown with Dividend Stocks: Investment Strategist

Goldman Sachs downgraded its estimate of U.S. economic growth. But Kate Warne, investment strategist at Edward Jones, and Bill Greiner, president and chief investment officer at Scout Investments, told CNBC that there's still opportunity for the careful investor.

Investing Tip: Slow Down and Grow

Warne agrees with Goldman's slowdown projection — but is a bit more optimistic, calling for 2 to 3 percent growth.

"We think that right now investors ought to be putting money into dividend-paying stocks that have the potential for dividend increases," she said.

"In a slow growth environment — particularly after we've seen riskier stocks do well — they're attractively valued and we think they're a better opportunity than other parts of the market," Warne said.

Greiner's View:

"We're focusing directly within the U.S., and on a capitalization basis over the last two or three months, we've been shifting money from small-cap investments more towards large-cap investments," Greiner said.

For their outlooks on oil pricesand Asian markets, watch the full interview.

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