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It’s All About Jobs, Jobs, Jobs at NY Forum

Today is Day 2 of the New York Forum. Closing Bell was live from the pow wow in NYC’s Grand Hyatt Hotel on Monday. Richard Attias, founder of the New York Forum said that the DNA of the forum is about “finding solutions.” One key topic discussed was “jobs, jobs, jobs.” The big question is “if the policy makers and the private sector will build a private partnership to implement this solution,” said Attias.

On the job front, Attias believes “we want to get back to manufacturing. I think this was a very important point which was raised, [we want to] invest in infrastructure, government should definitely make some priorities on that.”

At the forum, there’s a general consensus that “America is still a fabulous country, a huge reservoir of talent, a huge reservoir of creativity, probably one of the best places in the world to live, a lot of innovation-innovation is everywhere, and also to help and support small and medium sized companies by every way possible,” said Attias.

Entrepreneurship is another key word here.

Attias thinks “we now need to build some task forces to see how we can help promote entrepreneurship everywhere and how we can facilitate access to the creation of small and medium sized companies.”

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