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Wall Street's Mini-Rally: Is It Here to Stay?

Investing Tip: Caution to the Wind?

Stocks edged higher on Tuesday with the Nasdaq having rebounded into positive territory for the year. Yet Cramer cautioned homegamers on becoming overly confident.

"As much as we all like it when stocks go up, like they did today, that’s not a reason to get all euphoric," the "Mad Money" host said. "It’s certainly not a justification for throwing caution to the wind. This is still a tough market."

In other words, Wall Street's mini-rally might not be here to stay. After all, this very technically-driven market is quite vulnerable right now, Cramer said. John Roque, a highly regarded technician on Wall Street, points to several troubling technical indicators. He recommends investors remain cautious about the overall market.

So what is Roque seeing exactly? To explain, Cramer went "Off the Charts." Watch the video to see his full report.

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