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A Very Short-Lived Investment Banking Blog

A promising blog allegedly written by a summer intern at a Los Angeles-based investment bank has closed up shop after just two posts.

Kevin Roose at DealBook reports:

Tuesday, DealBook got wind of a blog created by a summer analyst

(read: intern) at a middle-market investment bank in Los Angeles, who promised to write about his trials on the job under the pseudonym “Mumbles.”

Sadly, as of Wednesday morning, Mumbles is no more. The rogue blog, titled “Life of an Investment Banking Summer Slave,” had been deleted by the second day.

Mumbles claimed the legendary blog Leveraged Sellout as his inspiration. The satirical and largely fictional LSO, as it was known to its fans, was one of the original Wall Street blogs, predating DealBreaker and DealBook.

DealBook speculates that Mumbles probably shut down the blog out of fear.

"We’re guessing that Mumbles’s blog was removed because a co-worker spotted it. In one post, he wrote about blogging from work 'while your V.P. searches the Internet' for inappropriate material. His firm’s compliance policies almost certainly prohibit unapproved blogs," Roose writes.


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