Net Net: Promoting innovation and managing change
Net Net: Promoting innovation and managing change

Get Ready for Bernankepalooza

How Do Fannie and Freddie Fit Into the Debt-Ceiling Picture? [The Atlantic]  "Every quarter, Fannie and Freddie go to the Treasury with their latest need for a cash infusion. Their next scheduled request will be in August -- the same month when the Treasury's "extraordinary measures" are set to dry up."

Bernankepalooza [Business Insider] "Given the signs that the recovery is rolling over, the stakes are huge. We know that QE2 is coming to an end in a matter of days, but what, if any, hints will we get QE3? That is the fundamental question."

Greek Prime Minister survives confidence vote [CNN Money]

NY Fed Won't Disclose Iraq Money

[] "The New York Fed is refusing to tell investigators how many billions of dollars it shipped to Iraq during the early days of the US invasion there, the special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction told CNBC Tuesday."

JPMorgan settles with the SEC