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SAC Capital Shown Up by Florida Bankers

SAC Capital's Steve Cohen famously has a giant shark preserved in a tank.

It's symbolic.

A group of six Florida bankers, however, reeled in a real, live 1,000 pound Macao shark.

From News 7 Miami:

"I don't have to watch 'Jaws' anymore, I lived it," said Ocean Bank team member Oscar Fernandez.

The incident occurred 16 miles off of Elliot Key. The Ocean Bank team participated in a Florida International University alumni tournament.

They were out scouting Mahi-Mahi, when they spotted a dorsal fin in the distance. "I knew it was a big fish, I saw it, but I didn't know it was that big," said Ocean Bank team member Alex Gonzalez-Jacobo.

Home video captured the fishermen struggling with the shark that was caught on the line. "We had him up to about 80 feet underneath the boat at times," said "Wound Up" Boat Captain John Dudas.

It took the team of seven men more than four hours to reel in the shark. "There are times when I thought it would break our line or break our wheel," said team member Alvaro Luis.



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