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Approximate cost in USD: $17,000

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Chevrolet Cruze

Approximate cost in USD: $17,000

Also known as the Holden Cruze and the Daewoo Lacetti Premiere, depending on the country where it’s sold, the Cruze is the first true global compact car for GM, after it went bankrupt in 2009 and then restructured. It’s already become quite popular in the U.S., but the important factor about the Cruze, Visnic says, is that it’s carrying the flag for GM now as it expands the Chevrolet name. “It was very fractionalized all around the world previously. In China they carried a lot of different names because they were with joint venture partners. In Europe, Opel carried the flag for GM. So they’re consolidating everything and reforming everything under the Chevy brand.”

Photo: chevrolet.com