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Joe Torre Talks Charity and Baseball

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Today we caught up with Joe Torre at Joe Torre Safe At Home Foundation 2011 Gold Classic. Torre and his wife Ali created the Joe Torre Safe At Home Foundation back in May 2002 with a mission of "educating to end the cycle of domestic violence and save lives."

Torre said, "it means a great deal for me that people are giving of their time" for this charity event. Torre thinks "its a great way to give back to society especially something that involves children."

Here's our conversation with Joe on the Foundation and his comments on the Dodgers who today filed for bankruptcy protection in Delaware .

Q: You created the Joe Torre Safe At Home Foundation 9 years ago, how far has it come? 

TORRE: It’s all about raising awareness. And my wife Ali and I started our foundation. You know, we knew we wanted to do something for kids here in the New York area. And domestic violence is something that was apart of my family growing up. I was a youngster who never shared it with anybody. I always felt that I was to blame. I didn’t think anybody else not only in the neighborhood…but any place I knew was experiencing the same thing. AND it caused some scars with me. So when I mentioned to Alley lets do something about domestic violence, she was a little caught off-guard with that. And it was her idea to do it through education. And that’s where our safe rooms have come into play that we named after my mom, “Margaret’s Place.”

Q: Former players of yours like Jeter, Mo, and Matsui as well as all of the Baseball greats here today, make frequent appearances to some of your events, how much do their contributions help your foundation raise awareness?

TORRE: Anybody that people recognize, especially in the New York area that people have made an impact here. And Derek and Posada and Mo. Over the years Bob Gibson, who has been a dear friend of mine. You know, Bob Costas has been a regular. Billy Crystal has come from time to time.

As a former manager of the Dodgers for two season, Torre also gave us his took on what's happening in LA.

Q: You’ve known Don Mattingly for many years now, as the Dodgers former manager, how does Donnie Baseball keep his players focused on winning with their ownership dispute causing an obvious distraction? ?

TORRE: Donnie certainly has the capabilities of doing that. Because first of all, he played for the New York Yankees.  I don't think there is any team that has more distractions than the New York Yankees.   So he’s practiced – you know - that way. You can only control what you can control. You know, whatever goes on with ownership in Los Angeles really has nothing to do with what’s on the field. These players he has on his clubhouse have been playing hard. He’s done a good job keeping them focused. They've had a great deal…alot of injuries which have kept them from really jumping up there. But nobody is running away in that division. So once they get healthy, who knows. But he’s having a great time. Yeah, its going to be frustrating at times…you will learn things along the way. But, he’s a young man with a great spirit. And he’s got great leadership abilities.

Maria Bartiromo is currently in Yankee Stadium playing in the 1st Annual Bombers Boomer Broadway Charity - Celebrity Softball Game. Details tomorrow. Stay turned.

Nick Santoro contributed to this article.

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