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What's On: Case-Shiller, Nike and Greece

Jason Gewirtz|Senior Producer

Here's what's up on Tuesday's Squawk on the Street:

--The housing number SO BIG WE HAVE TO CAPITALIZE THIS PART OF THE PRODUCER PLAN ... CASE-SHILLER. We'll see where the state of housing stands from sea to shining sea. If you want the information first, we'll have it. We'll also be going through the housing stocks, stocks like Lennar, Hovnanian, KB Homes and Pulte.

--Plus, a special report on the state of Nike. Darren Rovell will be at headquarters in Oregon for us. It's gotta be the shoes.

--We have the CEOs of the Knot on the show. The big business of weddings is their business. We'll also have a special look at the markets of Latin America.

--Then it's on to Greece. People in that financially troubled region will be in strike mode tomorrow as the Greek Parliament prepares for a key vote on austerity. That's the focus of the Street Poll: If there were a national referendum on American austerity to pay back a large part of the national deficit and you were asked to support a) a 10 percent tax hike with a b) 25 percent cut in services and c) the age at which you're eligible for social security, how would you vote?  Share your opinion.


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