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Imitation Homes

Location: Hillsborough, North CarolinaYear Built: 2009Price: undisclosedSquare footage: 1,900Bedrooms / baths: 3 / 2.5

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Inspired by the Movie HALLOWEEN

Location: Hillsborough, North Carolina
Year Built: 2009
Price: undisclosed
Square footage: 1,900
Bedrooms / baths: 3 / 2.5

The Myers House NC is the home of Kenny Caperton and Emily Currier. Caperton is a lifelong horror fan whose favorite slasher is HALLOWEEN (as you’ve probably guessed). He got the idea to build this replica after seeing the real house where the movie was filmed in Pasadena, California, while he was house-hunting. They drew up a plan to recreate the house without the aid of the original blueprints. However, they didn’t duplicate the 1970s décor and appliances of the original film, instead opting for a rustic / Victorian interior style with vintage Halloween items and memorabilia as accent pieces. Oh, and the Mike Myers mask on the Newell post.

Photo: myershousenc.comInset:  Compass International  Pictures