Top States For Business 2011

CNBC's Top States For Business 2011 Countdown—Georgia Is No. 4

Georgia made a dramatic six-spot jump, finishing No. 4 in CNBC's 2011 edition of America's Top States for Business.

The state has made the top five only one other year (2007).

Georgia scored a total of 1513 points, just a point ahead of No. 5 Colorado.

Top States for Business: Georgia

It made the top 10 in Infrastructure & Transportation, Workforce, and Cost of Living categories.  But Georgia performed well in these last year as well.

The main reason for the Peach state's improvement was a big jump in its Education score, followed by smaller strides made in the state Economy, the Cost of Doing Business, and Business Friendliness.

America's Top States for Business 2011 - A CNBC Special Report

On the negative side, the state finished near the bottom 10 in two categories, similar to its 2010 showing.

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