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Email of the Week: A Revolution in Greece Is Possible

Protests in Athens, Greece
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We love emails from our readers, who are generally better informed than anyone we know.

Here's our favorite email from last week's mailbag.

Just finished reading your excellent article on the Greek crisis. As luck would have it, my wife and I happened to be on vacation in Athens, on May 5, 2010. We were right across from Parliament and up the street one block. We were staying at the Amalia hotel. Seeing the crowds gather and the unions marching, we saw problems developing. The tear gas started and Molotov cocktails thrown. People were fighting with police and our hotel had windows broken. I asked a few storekeepers what exactly the problems were and one owner said the government was making cuts to their salaries, their vacations, retirement, etc. On the other hand, another man told me that these people take six-week vacations and spend, spend and spend beyond their means.

Next week there is going to be a strike for 48 hours. There are going to be terrible riots and people will be injured and maybe killed. The people hate Papandreou and they want him out of power. Yes, if this is not handled properly, a revolution is definitely possible. So, even though some document was signed the other day to make cuts, the people will not go along with it. So get ready for a real mess next week.

You can see the beginning of problems here in our country, from Minnesota and now in Florida. Most people hate [Florida Governor Rick] Scott because he has to make tough budget cuts and they don't like it, but I support him. So if our government doesn't get a handle on debt, we may be in deep, deep trouble, just like Greece.

All the best and your coverage is amazing,

Marc from Florida

Keep in mind that this was sent Friday. So when Marc writes "next week" he means right now.


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