Net Net: Promoting innovation and managing change
Net Net: Promoting innovation and managing change

Greek Austerity Gains Ground, Amy Pond Naked, Lindsay Lohan Hyperinflationista

Skeptical MP hints he will vote for controversial measures

(Kathimerini) Thomas Robopoulos says he'll decide at the last minute.

Dr Who star Karen Gillan caught naked in hotel corridor (Mirror) In NYC's Ace hotel.

Updates from anarchists in the streets of Greece (Occupied London) Get the news from the protesters.

Zombie Bears Index Update (Sarah Hanks) Former general counsel of Congresses TARP oversight unit blogs on threats to financial system.

Lindsay Lohan Just Warned About Imminent Hyperinflation In America (Business Insider) She's now a paid agent of the National Inflation Association

U.S. Endorses Lagarde for IMF (WSJ) So what was that delayed approval game all about? Sucking up to Mexico.

Layoffs/Hiring Watch ’11: Goldman Sachs (DealBreaker) Firing in NY, hiring in Singapore.

Is Wall Street going to overshoot on layoffs again (Breaking Views) Maybe. Probably.

Here it comes: Your 19th nervous credit breakdown (Milken Institute) Has anyone noticed that high-yield actually performed well during the crisis?