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The Most ‘American Made’ Cars and Trucks

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Looking to drive American?

You might wind up in a Toyota Camry or Honda Accord.

In fact, as the latest ranking of cars and trucks "Made in America" shows, it's not always Big 3 models with the most parts and labor coming from here in the US.

According to, here are the "most" American made models for sale right now.

  1. Toyota Camry (last ranking 1)
  2. Honda Accord (last ranking 2)
  3. Chevy Malibu (last ranking 5)
  4. Ford Explorer (no last ranking)
  5. Honda Odyssey (last ranking 6)
  6. Toyota Sienna (last ranking 10)
  7. Jeep Wrangler (last ranking 9)
  8. Chevy Traverse (no last ranking)
  9. Toyota Tundra (last ranking 8)
  10. GMC Acadia (no last ranking)

If this list and the fact half of the models are from Japanese brands surprises you, it shouldn't.

Toyota and Honda have long built most of what they sell in the U.S. at plants in Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana (among other places). And most of the parts in those cars are made here in North America.

It's the reason I'm always baffled when people say, "I only buy American" and then they drive a model with a high percentage of parts from overseas. The fact is, for the most part, if you are buying it here in the US, most of the car was likely from here. Yes, there are some models like the Toyota Prius or Honda Fit, where that's not the case, but, as the latest list shows, there are Toyota and Honda models primarily "Made in the USA".


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