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Former Lehman Brothers Chief Arrested for Forging A Prescription for Oxycoton and Ritalin

Katya Wachtel, Business Insider
Bradley Jack
Source: Fairfield Police Department

Bradley Jack, a former head of investment banking at Lehman Brothers, was arrested for trying to use a forged prescription to buy Oxycontin and Ritalin in Connecticut.

Jack, who owns the most expensive home in Fairfield, "was charged with second-degree forgery and forgery of a prescription drug," according to Fairfield Patch, via Dealbook.

The former co-COO of Lehman reportedly gave a pharmacist a prescription for 12 Oxycontin pills and nine Ritalin pills at a CVS in Fairfield.

The pharmacist immediately suspected the prescription had been photocopied and was bogus, so he called the doctor listed on the scrip, according to Patch. The doctor had not signed the prescription.

So the shrewd pharmacist,

[A]fter accepting the prescription, told Jack to come back in an hour to pick up the prescription police said. Jack returned, and the pharmacist told him to wait, police said. But Jack left before police officers arrived, and CVS employees gave police a description of the man and the license plate number on the Range Rover that Jack drove off in, police said.

The police were able to locate Jack, who was "dressed casually in tan khakis and a stripped shirt," through the license plates. A CVS worker had "followed him out of the store and got his license plate,"Dealbook reported.

Jack apparently said he knew he'd done wrong, and said sorry.

The former banker owns a waterfront estate in Fairfield that is worth about $34.6 million. He joined Lehman in the 1980s and "after being demoted to “Office of the Chairman,” in 2004," he left the firm armed with a severance package of $80 million, according to Vanity Fair.

Jack and his wife divorced in 2008, and "both cite Lehman as a strain on their marriage, recalling, for example, how an important meeting kept Brad from being at Karin’s side when she went into labor," Vanity Fairreported.

The couple featured prominently in "The Devil’s Casino," a book about Lehman Brothers.

At one point, according to the Telegraph, the book,

[R]ecounts that during the annual summer retreats at Fuld’s ranch, in Sun Valley, Idaho, it wasn’t uncommon for the chief executive to pull one of his employees aside to find out about his home life. He once asked Bradley Jack, head of banking and later co-chief operating officer, after overhearing an argument between Jack and his wife Karin, “Are you all having trouble?”

“He really wanted to know,” Karin Jack told Ward. “He didn’t think Brad and I looked happy enough and it really worried him.”

Second-degree forgery is a felony offense, which means there's a possibility that this once high-flying banker could spend some time in jail if he's convicted, Dealbook said.

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