Net Net: Promoting innovation and managing change
Net Net: Promoting innovation and managing change

Obama Breaks Some Bad News to Rich People, Greece Breaks Some Bad News to its Citizens, And Gov. Rick Perry Is Just Praying for a Miracle

What a day. There was a lot of bad news in the media today, but hey, at least stocks ended higher. Here are some of the days headlines:

For Many Greeks, Here's What Austerity Will Look Like (NetNet) It ain't pretty. And these people arn't happy. Be sure to check out the toughest austerity measures here.

Obama Lays Down a Budget Game Plan...( Sorry rich people.

The Fed Caves, Debit-Card Swipe Fees Raised ( Kind of expected this one.

NewsCorp Breaks up with MySpace ( Sometimes breaking up is hard to do. Sometimes.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry Wants You to Pray for Economic and Social Help (SLOG) Well, he's right about needing a miracle.

Wall Streeters Will Not Be Played As "chumps" When It Comes to Buying Their Summer Home (FINSFinance) I wish this was my biggest problem.

Chesapeake Energy And Other Natural Gas Companies Get Subpoenaed (New York Times) Something tells me this isn't McClendon's best week.