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Net Net: Promoting innovation and managing change

Root Beer Floats at JPMorgan

Anna Williams | FoodPix | Getty Images

You've probably heard of interns fetching coffee, but if you're interning for a Wall Street bank you might expect more elaborate orders.

We hear the investor desk at  JPMorgan has requested the interns bring them root beer floats.

"These are good experiences for interns. It tests their resourcefulness. And they learn about New York City," one investment banker at JPMorgan told us. "Plus it's a beautiful day. Who wouldn't want the chance to get off the desk and walk around for a while?"

We're here to help, summer interns!

You can get root beer floats at Ben & Jerry's on the Concourse Level at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. As NBC Universal employees, we know it well.

Good luck getting back to the office with the ice cream intact in this 80 degree weather. Maybe ask them to pack it in ice!


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