Net Net: Promoting innovation and managing change
Net Net: Promoting innovation and managing change

Scarlett Johannson, DSK, and Wall Street Layoffs

And Now Dominique Strauss-Kahn Will File A Defamation Lawsuit Against Tristane Banon (Business Insider) Says her story is "imaginary."

Job cuts at major banks intensify (Reuters) "Nobody is really prepared for what might come," says one senior capital markets guy.

The DSK Lesson: Reading the world as a parable (WSJ) We're always tempted to allow current events to confirm our biases.

Sorkin on why Wall Street cares about a patent bill (DealBook) And how it shows the power of Wall Street lobbyists.

Pace of Mergers Takes a Midyear Pause (DealBook) A 20 percent quarter-to-quarter drop spells more bad news for Wall Street.

Long-Term Budget Forecasts for Beginners (Baseline Scenario) How the CBO numbers really work. Or don't.

Four Pebbles in the Recovery’s Shoe (Reformed Broker) Household debt, falling home prices, fragile confidence, directionless government.

Robert Rubin blames financial crisis on the "massive failure" ... by the media (Reuters) Definitely not the bankster-government complex.

Scarlett Johannson pairs up with John Carney (Playbill) Namesake director's new project is closest I'll ever get to Scarlett. I'll take it.