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Net Net: Promoting innovation and managing change

Weird Hangover Cures

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So, Carney told you about noshing on eggs and bacon or gulping down a coffee to cure your splitting headache. Here are some not-so-typical cures we dug up.

  • Russia: drink the juice of one cucumber with salt
  • Mexico: eat a bowl of tripe soup
  • Mongolia: drain a glass of tomato juice with pickled sheep eyes
  • Wild West cowboys: drink a cup of tea with rabbit droppings
  • Ireland: cover yourself with moist river sand
  • Puerto Rico: put a slice of lemon under your arm
  • Germany: eat a sour herring and drink a glass of beer
  • Australia: eat a T-bone steak and drink chocolate milk
  • Native Americans: work up a sweat, lick the sweat from your arm and spit it out


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