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Inflation Can Be Good for Stocks: Strategist

Perspective is more important than prediction, according to Andrew Goldberg, market strategist for JPMorgan, who unveiled a guide to the markets, a framework for recognizing and understanding the economy as well as emerging markets.

JPMorgan's Guide to the Markets

"People are a little bit too pessimistic... between two-thirds and 70 percent of the American public believes that the U.S. economy is currently in a recession—and that is after two years of economic growth," Goldberg said.

He added that people may be overplaying inflation, although it could be good for stocks and a sign of the economy improving.

"What we tend to do is fill our car with gas, see that it costs $15 more than a year ago and think inflation. And the tendency will be to think inflation is bad. If something is bad, you are going to be more risk-adverse," Goldberg said.

According to Goldberg, while the stock market has doubled, more money is being allocated into bonds than into mutual funds. He said the guide is designed to provide investors with the macro picture so they can make the micro decisions.

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