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By Wednesday’s close, the Fast gang had tech, industrials and materials on the radar. How should you position now?


Hoping to give its users another reason to use Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg  introduced video chat on Wednesday in a partnership with Skype, the Internet calling service.

As you may remember Microsoftrecently purchased Skype for $8.5 billion.

Word on the Street

How should you trade these developments?

Jon Najarian is a buyer of Microsoft. He thinks the deal shows how aggressive Microsoft is becoming.

Joe Terranova is also bullish MSFT. Not only does he like the move but he thinks portfolio managers ‘under own’ this stock and believes the Facebook deal will force PMs to buy.

Stephen Weiss is more skeptical. He thinks Skype was an expensive acquisition and now wonders ‘what other arrows does Microsoft have in the quiver’?

Steve Grasso just can’t get behind a long position in Microsoft. “Price is truth,” he says. Grasso can’t get bullish MSFT until it breaks above $27



After getting whacked in the morning on China's rate hike, industrials and materials reversed course, and took off in the afternoon.

How should you trade it?

Steve Grasso tells the desk he’s a buyer of industrials and materials but due to seasonal strength and not because of the reversal on Wednesday.


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