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How to Fix Your iPhone Screen

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I am a frequent destroyer of iPhones. I seem to find new ways to crack my screen within days of buying a new phone. No case, bumper, or precaution seems enough to prevent my destructive powers.

So when I found a post on Gizmodo titled “How To Fix The Five Most Common iPhone Injuries” I got excited.

At last, a way to repair my phone without shelling out hundreds of dollars to a guy in the basement of a dodgy electronics shop!

But as I clicked through the post on replacing an Apple iPhone screen, my hopes were dashed. To replace your iPhone screen you have to more or less disassemble the entire phone using tiny, specialized tools. The guide to replacing the screen runs to 30 steps—and then you have to do it backwards to reassemble your phone. I'm just guessing, but this would probably take all day. And I'm sure at the end of it, I'd have a few bits and bobs left over and a phone that only kind of worked.

There’s no way anyone should undertake this except as a hobby or a profession. If fiddling with tiny electronic devices and following complex instructions is your thing, Mr. DIY, then go for it.

For the rest of us, I’m afraid, this just isn’t practical.

So here’s the secret to repairing your iPhone screen: Get someone else to do it.


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