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Jeter Will Keep Many 3,000 Hit Items, Steiner To Sell More

Brandon Steiner has made a career out of selling autographs and memorabilia and his company's deal with the New York Yankees undoubtedly has him salivating over the business Derek Jeter's 3,000th hit will bring him.

Derek Jeter
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But Friday morning he told CNBC that his Steiner Sports will not be selling anything Jeter is wearing when he hits the milestone.

Steiner said Jeter will keep everything—jersey, wristband, bat, shoes and the ball of course, if it's not a ground rule double or a home run.

"When there are magical moments like this, the player has to be happy," Steiner said.

Since Jeter hit No. 2994 on June 13, Steiner has received the jerseys. He'll get every game jersey up until the jersey Jeter wears for No. 2999. Those jerseys Steiner anticipates selling for in between $25,000 and $50,000 each in auctions. In his 3,000th hit game, Jeter will wear two jerseys -- one Jeter will keep and one to go into the Yankees museum.

Other one-of-a-kind items Steiner will be able to sell are game-used balls and all the bases. Steiner says he's happy he'll have enough to share with fans who want a piece of the moment.

He has the rights to the dirt around home plate and the shortstop area, which his team will sweep up after the game Jeter knocks the milestone hit and put into a variety of items including putting the dirt in a commemorative bat that Steiner will sell for $199.

Steiner also says he has exclusive rights to sell the 3000th hit photo from Getty Images as well as Jeter autographs on those pictures.

Many non-Yankee fans who collect the 3,000 hit club autographs—there have been 27 players to do it before him—also have to get Jeter's autograph.

Said Steiner: "We've never had this much of a pre-sale for any signing we've had."

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