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Net Net: Promoting innovation and managing change

Meet the Wall Street Summer Intern DJ!

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NetNet introduced you to the Goldman Sachs hip-hop artist last year.

And this summer get ready to add an up and coming mashup artist from Credit Suisse to your most frat-tastic playlist.

Justin Blau is a Credit Suisse summer intern. He is also known as “3LAU” in his career as a well-known DJ in the college scene. His mixes have been featured on as well as Hype Machine’s top 50 most popular blogged songs.

"A couple of us recognized his name when we did icebreakers on the first day, and we were all surprised he was working here," one intern at the bank told NetNet.

After this summer, Blau will return to Washington University in St. Louis, where he will be a junior majoring in finance with a writing minor.

Here's one of his hits.

At NetNet we love seeing such talented young Wall Streeters pursuing their passions.

Check out 3LAU’s “Girls Who Save The World” and get pumped for this weekend!

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