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10. Emirates

Fleet Size: 153
Hub: Dubai, U.A.E.

Despite having a fleet of just 153 planes, Emirates is the world's largest airline by international passenger miles flown. It's also the largest carrier in the Middle-East.

The airline is known for its in-flight entertainment, offering 1,200 channels and 280 movies. Emirates has won the award for the best in-flight entertainment service for the last seven years. First-class cabins on some planes feature private suites, with individual mini-bars and bathrooms with showers.

Founded in 1985, the government-owned carrier operates over 1,000 flights from Dubai each week. Its rapid expansion has turned Dubai into a high-volume intercontinental travel hub. In 2001, Emirates made history by announcing the largest-ever plane order in dollar-terms to date, buying 58 new aircraft at a list price of $15 billion.

In June 2011, the airline said it would combat a profit squeeze from rising fuel prices by cutting fares to fill its 500-seat Airbus A380s. The airline is the largest operator of the superjumbo jet with 15 in service and another 75 on order.

Photo: Getty Images