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Vacation With Your Boss or J-Lo? Depends ...

How much do you love, say, Jennifer Lopez? Lady Gaga? Michele Bachmann?

Your boss?

Who would you rather go on vacation with? "None of them" is not an answer.

Turns out the real answer is, "It depends."

Hilton's HHonors program says that given the choice between a free vacation with the boss versus paying double for a vacation with a favorite celeb, 36 percent of Americans chose the freebie with the boss.

Only 14 percent preferred paying up for the celebrity. Not sure what happened to the other 50 percent. "Lame Over Fame" is how Hilton described this bottom line decision.

That little tidbit was part of a survey Hilton calls "Would You Rather" (not to be confused with "Who'd You Rather" on TMZ). Hilton also found the following:

Sometimes it's not all about the bottom line. Would you rather have no rain or no pain at the pump? Forty-five percent chose nice weather this summer instead of free gas. Twenty-nine percent chose the pump over the sun.

Sixty percent of Americans would rather drive 10 hours by themselves with no stereo than take a 10-hour flight with crying children (duh).

Here's an interesting one: about half of those surveyed claim they'd rather put away all digital devices for a month (A MONTH) rather than go a week on vacation without people (31 percent preferred no people over no iPhone).

Tough call for me on that one. Ideally I'd get rid of both.

But back to the "boss or favorite celebrity" question. I have a great boss. I'm not just saying that. Ok, I kinda am. However, there is one famous person for whom I would pay double, even triple to spend time with: Neil Armstrong. No lie. What's more, I have it on good authority that he's a pretty good fly fisherman.

A week on the river in the presence of the first man who walked on the Moon? The guy who landed the Eagle as it was running out of fuel and choices were disappearing, yet acted like it was all just part of a day's work? Did I mention the fly fishing? I'd even toss my iPhone overboard for that.

Would you?

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