Money in Motion

Dollar Slumps, Kiwi Flies

Debt drama dents the dollar and growth data down under is uplifting — it's time for your FX Fix.

After debt-ceiling talks foundered and  rating agencies issued warnings about the U.S. credit rating,the dollar hit a record low against the Swiss franc. [CNBC]

Better than expected data on jobless claims has halted the dollar's slide for now. []

All the action in the U.S. is distracting traders from euro zone problems, and after a reasonable Italian bond auction, the euro is steadying. [WSJ]

The Japanese are talking tougher about the strong yen. [WSJ]

The New Zealand dollar hit a 30-year high on strong growth data. [CNBC]

The Philippine central bank sees possible capital flows that could lift the peso if U.S. problems persist. [CNBC]


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