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Calling All Wall Street Wives

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Looks like Wall Street may be getting itself a reality TV show, but with a bit of twist. It won't be the Wall Street male financiers under the limelight, but their wives.

Casting is currently underway for "Wall $treet Wives," a new reality show that will feature the women behind the men on Wall Street. According to a casting notice that went out earlier this week, women who wish to apply for the show should have "a fun and attractive personality," and be married or previously married to a man who worked on Wall Street.

Reality shows featuring wives with strong personalities have become something of a theme in the reality tv genre. Known for their catty ways, the wives featured on shows like "Mob Wives" and "The Real Housewives" entice their audience with an hour jam-packed with tears, yelling, back-stabbing, and sometimes physical contact. "Wall $treet Wives," however, won't entail the catfight drama of its predecessors, according to Devon Fleming, the brains behind the show.

Fleming, a former Wall Streeter turned author and entrepreneur, says she wants to cast women with interesting stories, particularly those women who have stories about how the financial crisis affected them and their families.

"It's not all about making a lot of money and having catfights. There's a lot of information here and a lot of stories to be told. It's been a really bumpy ride the last few years and I don't think it's over yet either," said Fleming.

Devon Flemming

"There's a lot more to work with now than in 2007. We want a little bit of everything. We'd like to see women who lost everything, and those that have made a fortune on Wall Street in the last few years."

Fleming is one of the women who was affected by the financial crisis. She said her family almost lost everything.

"The last few years have changed my life and actually for the better. At one point I got sucked up in the money and it brought me back down to reality, it really grounded me," Fleming said. "Financial insecurity brings out interesting things in people. It can bring out the worst and it can bring out the best."

Fleming said she has seen a "tremendous response" since the casting notice was advertised Wednesday.

Fleming's friend and production partner, Sammi Mendenhall, said the women of "Wall $treet Wives," which has not yet finalized a network deal, won't be casting women that are just caught up in the wealth that surrounds Wall Street, but will focus on casting women with some sort of professional background, women who run their families like their own company.

"These women are really kind of the CEOs of their homes. Some were at one time on Wall Street and they have to know about the stock market. Their husbands weren't going to marry a dumb-dumb," Mendenhall said.

As far as drama goes, the drama on "Wall $treet Wives" will be different from other reality TV shows featuring housewives. Mendenhall envisions it as the drama that goes on behind closed doors.

"Their families are run pretty much on how the stock market goes each day. When the stock market is volatile, so are their lives," said Mendenhall. "Their lives are so dependent upon the stock market, you're going to see what goes on behind the scenes, how these women really hold it down at home. It's an intense situation, some more so than others."

Source: Business Insider


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