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"How I Made My Millions #7" will premiere on Monday, 7/18 at 9pm and 12am. The 30 minute show will repeat on Friday, 7/22 at 9pm and 1am.

"How I Made My Millions #7":

“Fetching Fashion” -- SIMPLYSHE INC. (San Francisco, CA)
In 1999, Maria Peevey had the idea to create a lifestyle brand company around women’s humor and call it “SimplyShe.” What began as a line of self-published greeting cards eventually branched out to “message” t-shirts, coffee mugs and books. One of the books, called SimplyDog, helped open Peevey’s eyes to a growing trend: the humanization of pets. She decided to add pet clothes to her growing line of products and convinced Petco to display them. Eventually, retail giant Wal Mart came calling- and Peevey’s pet fashion empire exploded. Today, the company boasts annual revenues of $30 million, with 99 percent of the business being pet related.

“Moving Up” -- TWO MEN AND A TRUCK – (Lansing, MI)

It began as a high school job; looking for a way to make pocket money, brothers Brig and Jon Sorber started their own short distance moving company with a catchy name and a logo featuring two stick figures: Two Men And A Truck. After they left for college, the phone kept ringing with pleas for help. To meet demands, their mother, Mary Ellen Sheets decided to continue the business. She bought a used truck for $350, and as the business expanded, she convinced her oldest daughter Melanie Bergeron to start a franchise. By 1994, Sheets had turned the company into a $6 million a year business. Melanie eventually moved home and became head of franchising. With two women running a moving company called Two Men And A Truck, the business now brings in revenues of over $170 million a year-- and the original two men, Brig and Jon, eventually came back to joint the family business.

“Sipping Pretty” VITA COCO (New York, NY )

Childhood friends, Ira Liran and Michael Kirban were talking to a couple of Brazilian women in a Manhattan bar in February 2003. The women told them that they really missed the “agua de coco” or coconut water from Brazil. A few weeks later, Ira ended up moving to Brazil and convinced Michael that they should start a coconut water business. After a few stumbles- after all, neither one had ever worked in the beverage industry- they founded Vita Coco. Flash forward a few years later and business is booming- that chance encounter became the catalyst for what is now a $40 million a year company.

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